Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Use For a Name Weekend Extravaganza Round Two

No Use for a Name, Only Crime and Pour Habit

No Use for a Name

Sunday June 7, 2009
Surfside 7, Fort Collins, Co

As our weekend in rock continued, DJ and I found ourselves at our home away from home, a little punk rock bar in Fort Collins that goes by the name of Surfside 7. Those of you who haven't visited this gem, go now. Not only do they serve killer pizza, but they always have a plethora of microbrews on tap for under $3 a pint. The walls are a collage of local artwork, hanging pleasantly with random keepsakes the bar has collected over the years, from He-Man to tiki men. And chances are, you will run into whichever band is currently recording at the Blasting Room.

We were lucky to get into the show, seeing as they sold out in five minutes when the doors opened, waaaay before we arrived. Just remember, especially when going to shows, where there is a will, there is a way. After acquiring wrist bands and a brief trip to Trailhead for cheese fries (mmmmmm.... cheese fries), it was time for Only Crime. The set up at Surfside always cracks me up; there's only enough room on the "stage" for the drum kit, so the remainder of equipment and band members kick it on the floor next to the audience. Awesome. There's nothing like being close enough that you risk getting chopped in the face with a guitar neck.

Seeing as the show was very similar to the previous night's, I decided to let our photos speak for themselves. Enjoy! Only Crime shots by DJ, my budding photographer.

Matt - Only Crime
Guitarist Matt Hoffman

Dan - Only Crime
Bassist Dan Kelly had an incredible amount of energy crammed into such a tiny space.

Russ and Aaron - Only Crime
Guitarist Aaron Dalbec and singer Russ Rankin

Matt - Only Crime

Russ, Aaron and Dan - Only Crime
Dalbec and Rankin

The Fort Collins crowd had an increased awareness of Only Crime, and it was nice to see some well-deserved appreciation for these hard working fellas. Somehow the bands were able to change places, and we watched headman Tony Sly swagger toward the stage. DJ had learned from an earlier conversation with Sly that this was originally their day off. But the band had some friends in Fort Collins who convinced them to play a show (thank you!). It was quite apparent that some social drinking had taken place, resulting in a sort of punk rock karaoke night.

Tony - No Use for a Name
The crowd bracing singer Tony Sly, who at one point during the set, asked the bartenders for "sober in a glass".

Matt and Dave - No Use for a Name
Bassist Matt Riddle and guitarist Dave Nassie took over vocal duties after Tony was unable to perform and the crowd didn't know enough of the lyrics.

Rory - No Use for a Name
Drummer Rory Koff

Tony and Dave - No Use for a Name
During "Biggest Lie", Sly lost the guitar and the music became much more enjoyable for everyone!

Tony and Dave - No Use for a Name
After botching the planned set, No Use decided to play an additional tune. Nassie slammed into "51 Days" as Tony helped to amplify the guitar with his mic.

Tony - No Use for a Name
Sly passing out in DJ's arms. Immediately after this shot, Sly responded with the biggest shit eating grin.

Although the music was cloudy and the lyrics were lost, this was one of the more entertaining shows I have seen in a while. The coziness of the stage combined with the drunken aura of the venue turned the sands of time. I found myself at a house party with No Use practicing in the basement for a few of their good friends. Shows just don't get any more intimate than this.

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  1. I think the Surfside is one of the very best places for shows. I miss Colorado...